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Elements behind T.J. Winz

Winston Koh
Managing Partner
Jennifer Lian

Worked with Global Leaders and Enterprises, from Startups to Fortune 500 Companies, in navigating their talent strategies effectively since 2003. Winston is an avid angel investor to technology startups in Asia and the US. Winston loves his marathons, cyclings, and creative arts. Graduated from Nayang Technological University with Bachelor in Engineering (EE).

Mandy Bain
Life Science

Mandy possesses a Bachelor Degree in Science (Life Science) from University of Toronto. For almost 11 years, Mandy has successful placed Global and Country Leaders for Pharma, Bitoech and Life Science companies in US and Asia. A big fan of rock climbing and outdoor sports. 

Over 10 years of Executive Search experience in US and Asia and consulted for Technology Juggernauts like Google, Paypal, Facebook, Linkedin in their senior talent acquisitions. A self-confessed technophile and devoted yoga practitioner. Graduated from Cambridge University with a Bachelor in Engineering (EE).

Owen Fisher
Banking & Finance

Having worked in Wall Street for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley since graduation from University of Berkeley in 1999, Owen spent the remaining 10 years working with Financial Institutions in acquiring leadership and expertise banking talents in US, Europe and Asia. Owen loves his saxophone.

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