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Interim Managements

Interim management service is a short-term provision of typically overqualified, heavyweight management leadership or resource to an organization to effectively and accountably manage a period of transition, crisis or change within the organization.


Interim Management is mostly preferred in situations where:

  • a permanent role may be unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice.

  • nobody internally is suitable for, or available to take up the role

  • the Interim leader works close to or at board level, with full authority to drive and deliver preferred outcome within an agreed span of time

  • the interim leader works without encumbered legacy of the organization but with unbiased transparency

T.J. Winz works with an extensive global network of Interim expertise and leaderships across various industries and verticals where we will be able to pin drop suitable experienced talents into your outfit in a short notice period.

Discussing project on screen

Case Study 1: Interim Investment Head making sense in a new space

A large conglomerate was exploring investment and M&A inroads into the Food Supply Chain space. Given its lack of internal subject expertise yet a need for dedicated oversight in its discovery stage, the CEO decided on hiring an Interim Investment / M&A Head to spearhead its efforts over 12 months. The interim Investment Head successful led 2 investments and 1 acquisition during his tenure. He was eventually hired to build a Supply Chain investment team to continue its commitment globally. 

Case Study 2: Interim COO scaling the operations 

A venture-backed deeptech startup, in its cross-border scaling stage, saw a need for a seasoned operations leader, with EV background to help them in putting in robust structures and processes. However, hiring a full-time qualified talent was both economically infeasible and unsustainable. An interim COO, with substantial EV experiences with a recent exit from a renowned EV outfit, was placed to work closely with the founders to institute operational best-practices over 18 months. The eventual intention was a conversion to a permanent role upon achievements of milestones and solid alignments with company’s values. The interim candidate was converted to a full-time COO before the end of the contract and upon its next successful fund raise. 

Team Meeting

Case Study 3: Interim Country Manager stablizing a business 

A renowned global fast moving consumer MNC was experiencing instability in its Chinese branch as a result of a sudden departure of its Country Manager. Due to lack of qualified internal talents with strong knowledge of the Chinese market, along with its challenging brand equity in the talent market of China, hiring a replacement became futile. A semi-retired interim Country Manager was placed with a mandate to stablize the Chinese outfit and to continue the executions of its planned strategy until a suitable replacement was found. The permanent Country Manager undergone a period of mentorship by the interim candidate before the reign as formally handled over.

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