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C & E-suite placements

These searches require a sophisticated blend of industry knowledge to understand business needs, assessment science and the art of human relations to find the perfect match.

Leveraging on its experience and expertise, T.J. Winz works with the boards, investors, CEOs, and executive teams of many of the world’s leading Conglomerates and Unicorns to achieve alignment on strategic direction and risk in securing the right people for the right executive roles, with proven leadership capabilities necessary to deliver superior business performance. 


Prior to representing an organization to engage with savvy leaderships, T.J. Winz always seek to:

  • Understand the issues and opportunities within your industry.

  • Internalize your corporate's vision and strategy

  • Understand your team's composition and dynamics

  • Appreciate your corporate culture.

  • Recognize the challenges that are unique to your organization.

  • Know the candidates who are best suited to lead the way forward.


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