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Project Recruitments 

With a defined recruitment scope and delivery period, project recruitment by T.J. Winz allocates dedicated delivery team for a certain timeline, onsite or offsite, till project completion.

Project Recruitment is typically deployed for:

  • Corporate relocation

  • Geographic expansion

  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • New office/store/factory/center opening

  • New product/business line launch


Other situations where our project recruitment solutions can make all the difference include:

  • Graduate recruitment

  • Interim IT resources

  • Contract recruiters

Installing Solar Panels

Case Study 1: Solar Farm in Chile

A global top 3 solar company has targeted 18 months for the completion of the solar farm project in Chile. Given the tight labor pool in solar space of Latin America, accentuated by the influx of other global solar companies and the remote location of the project, attraction of scarce talents become costly in time and in budget. T.J. Winz’s project recruitment team successfully delivered all key roles in Project Management, Construction Management, Health, Safety and Environment as well as Technicians within the agreed timeline. 


Case Studay 2: R&D Center in Boston

An Asian robotic medtech company planned to have a strategic presence in the “Silicon Valley” for robotics; Boston, primarily for direct access to the large R&D  community as well as to be at-the-pulse of latest robotic technologies and trends in the US. T.J.Winz undertook the assignment to fit out the key roles of the new R&D Center with best-in-class technical talents from targeted companies in Boston over the next 6 months while working closely with Corporate HR in navigating labor laws and cultural nuances. 

Team work

Case Study 3: Group Branding & Communications team in Singapore

An Asian conglomerate underwent a structural pivot that required a Group Branding & Communications team to consolidate efforts across all subsidiaries, as a single apparatus to ensure coherence and alignments in its positioning and branding as one company. T.J.Winz undertook this project successfully by delivering client’s new vision as well as attracting the best of breeds who can resonate with its exciting cause. 


Case Study 4: Contracting Project-based Software Developers

An insurance company had plans to go digital as part of its new client acquisition and retention strategy. Given insurtech is a new initiative that needed a journey of discovery via Product-market-fit, the company decided to take an agile approach to building up a team that can give flexibility for strategic pivots while allowing for build-up towards continuity. T.J.Winz facilitated this process by hiring project-based software contractors to initiate its digital efforts. 

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